One list item done

Thanks to my darling husband for taking a break from otter pops to take my picture. Love you!
Thanks to my darling husband for taking a break from otter pops to take my picture. Love you!

My 30 by 30 list is one item shorter — I made my self a wearable clothing item. I finally got over my fear of screwing up royally and made a maternity shirt. The best motivation was probably that I dropped $14 each for the patterns, so I darn well better use them. Also, the fabric, trim and thread I used were all free, so no major issue is the whole thing went south.

After much extensive internet searching, besides some really neat free tutorials, all the clothing I was interested in looped back to Megan Nielsen’s maternity collection. As I usually do, I spent way too much time waffling on whether or not to buy the patterns I loved. I have never paid full price for a pattern in my life, so that was tough. But the reviews were so good, and the clothes were so cute. Plus, a good ruched-side tee will set you back nearly the price of this pattern, so I finally went for it. I even acted like a big girl sewer and sprung for  needles intended for sewing with knits.

I equate sewing with knits to baking bread. It sounds crazy complicated and fancy pants, but it’s just a matter of paying attention. Read your instructions and tips in advance, use the right tools, and you will do okay. Maybe the first round won’t be perfect, but it will at least be wearable or edible.

This shirt is only my third time ever sewing a large wearable with knits. And the first time was in 8th grade. So I don’t know how much that counts as practice. This pattern and the instructions were so user-friendly. I think they nailed it when they called this a beginner pattern. If anyone out there is reading this and wants to know if it’s worth it, it is. I opted to leave the sleeves off, and now I have a tank top that FITS and is cool and doesn’t need an undershirt. Plus, it’s a really pretty color. Usually, I stick to a self-imposed rule of wearing sleeves at work. But that rule is gone for now. I have been too hot at work and I figure as long as they are not spaghetti straps, I am in the clear.

But that is pretty much all I have today. I was just too thrilled to wait on sharing this one. I hope you all had a fun, productive, possibly coolish weekend!


    1. Thanks! I think the next step is investing in a double needle for the seams to look a bit more professional. And maybe interfacing the neckline so it doesn’t get all wiggly. But I have a huge tote full of that exact (free) fabric in a bunch of colors, so I have nothing but time to lose.

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