Thrifting loves me, and I love thrifting

Just washed, now laying out to dry.
Just washed, now laying out to dry.

Luckily for me, I work in an area loaded with great places to eat, cute gift shops and amazing (but expensive) clothing stores. But best of all is the second-hand shopping. Antique stores, thrift stores, a vintage clothing store…let’s just say I have a pretty decent range of options. Yesterday at work, it was freaking gorgeous outside, so I took advantage of it and took a nice walk to one of my favorite shops. Marketplace 3301 opened up a few years ago when another antique store closed. Granny’s Attic was loaded with great vendors who needed somewhere to go, and they couldn’t have done any better. The selection of stuff is wonderfully varied. Plus, the store is really clean and well-organized. That makes searching much easier. Past scores there include an emerald green velvet suit ($8, bought for the fabric of course), the lounge chair($60ish) in my studio and a wool pea coat for my kid ($11). This time around was great as well.

A few years ago, my husband and I got a set of end tables for free. They were large and sturdy, but that’s about where the perks stop. They are ugly and one was getting a little bit beat up. No surprise since they are late 70’s / early 80’s and made with particle board and really thin wood laminate. The nicer of the two left a few years ago and went to a family who lost their house to a fire. And as of this week, its twin is on the way out as well. While wandering around at Marketplace, I found the perfect end table. It is the style I wanted, sturdy and the perfect size. Plus, it had already been refinished, which saves me some work. All this for $35. I’ve seen similar tables for waaay less, but this one is in great shape. Worth it!

So happy. So very, very happy. Project Get This House Semi-Decorated is comnig together. Slowly but surely.
So happy. So very, very happy. Project Get This House Semi-Decorated is coming together. Slowly but surely.

While I was wandering around choosing between that table and a similar one nearby, I also found this pillow cover. Personally, I hate granny squares, but this one grabbed me. My daughter doesn’t have her own pillow in her bed, just one of our extras. That’s too boring for a little girl! But this one has such wonderful bright colors and is in really good shape. The person who made it even left a length of pink yarn inside to sew it shut. And $2!?! Love. Tomorrow us ladies will be working together to sew a pillow to go inside this pretty thing, and my kiddo’s room will get even cooler.

So not anything I made to share today, but these scores made me happy and I had to share. Consider it a reminder to you that the weekend is here, so take your chance to go antiquing. And if you find anything awesome, let me know.

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