…and break is over

01052013 im back 1

But it is a good thing I took a break. Between covering shifts at work, people getting sick and the regular holiday fun, I had enough on my plate. But at least it was more or less fun. After Christmas, my Dad came to visit and I got to spend some time with him. My awesome  husband also took me out for my birthday. Apparently I complained about my clothing situation more than I realized because he took me out to hit New Year’s sales and bought me what amounted to a new wardrobe. And we got to enjoy a nice quiet lunch of sushi and have hot tub time. But that’s enough sharing on that topic…

The best part about the Apartment Therapy Home Cure -- flowers every week!
The best part about the Apartment Therapy Home Cure — flowers every week!

The best part of taking some time off from blogging is I was able to shift my perspective a bit. I have felt a bit like I was not writing anything worth reading. I said this before, but I think I have finally figured out. Sometimes when I start a project (in this case, blogging) I get very rigid about always doing it the same as when I started. Which is really, really silly because things change. People change and life changes and I am always learning something new. So why the heck would I continue on the same path? Insanity is the only answer. But I am not going to snap and do everything completely different either. That seems equally crazy.

So here are a few small changes I am starting with for now:

  • I am moving Up Late to Monday night. Wednesdays were a really bad idea, and I only went with that because it’s halfway through the week. The problem is Wednesday and Thursday are both really, really hectic days at work. So I cornered myself into choosing between a crappy craft night or a crappy day at work. Not fun.
  • Up Late was originally meant to be my spin on Wordless Wednesday. But I always wanted to talk about the project being shared. So now I will just share one random photo on Wednesday nights. And try really hard not to talk over it.
  • Keeping Firestarter Fridays the first Friday of the month. I may add another feature the third Friday, but I want to write a few articles and see how they pan out first.

At least it’s a start. And I’m being realistic. Which can be a real stretch for me. Besides that, I am going to round out my 30 by 30 list. I had better get cracking since I officially have less than a year to go.

Finally, I am again ignoring 365 projects of all kinds. For a lot of different reasons, I don’t find them motivating at all, I find them depressing. I love watching what others do, but I personally don’t ever see myself taking one on. That said, I am calling this my Year of the House. Too many small projects have gotten away, and I really want the house to be more pulled together. So maybe by blogging I will take it more seriously. I have already started on the January Home Cure from Apartment Therapy because the small steps they offer are surprisingly helpful.

That might be all the updating anyone wants to read on a weekend, so I will call it good. I had better get back to my notes and figure out what crafting needs to be done. See you Monday and Happy New Year everyone!

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