I’m back! And I’m (mostly) happy

I tried to stay on top of journaling. And I think I did a decent job.

Well, we all spent today lounging around, clinging to the last remains of our vacation. As I said in my last post, we went to Seattle. We had been debating about taking a big trip like this on and off for about the last two years. Just after Christmas, we finally went ahead and pulled the trigger. Since then, we had been planning and saving out of every paycheck so we could afford to go kind of nuts. Which, for us, is still pretty tame. One of my biggest splurges was filling a large grocery bag at Uwagimaya with Asian staples I either can’t get at home, or are too overpriced.

Since we both hate delays and have a toddler to bring, we decided to drive. We were able to stop halfway both on the way there and coming back to spend the night at my Grandmother-in-laws house. Even better, we could stop on command to continue the fun of potty training in the great outdoors rather than in a plane.

In a past post, I talked about vacation and what art supplies I was packing. I stayed pretty true to the list and packed pretty light. With all the places we would be going and keeping on top of the kiddo, I knew I wouldn’t have much downtime anyway. I did manage to journal everyday. I did leave a few spots open to add sketches later. In some cases, drawing on the fly was just not an option.

So now, I will share with you a mix of photos and sketches from our fun week out and about.

I am trying to get better at drawing rocks, mostly because (thanks to mountains) they are everywhere.


My husband’s aunt has an awesome raspberry bush. And my daughter and I ate every single berry we could find.


I was in dahlia heaven! I wish I could have every single one of these growing outside my house.


An awesome print I saw at Pike Street Press. I saw another version of it papered all over Post Alley.


I already love trees, so I was pretty happy to see them painted int my favorite shade.


Seriously. Addicted. I snuck away at 6:30 while the rest of the family was asleep. As soon as Le Panier opened, I was at the counter getting a lemon macron and a cafe latte.


Speaking of favorites, I spent the whole week addicted to macrons.


We got to feed the greatest animal ever!


And my daughter’s favorite animal…next to dogs.
We stayed in an apartment with a kitchen, and my husband took full advantage of it. This perfect dish was lamb with fennel and mushrooms, over a triple pepper pasta. Super yum!
In case you needed more pictures of stuff from my garden, here are MORE cucumbers.
I learned having a two-year-old is really helpful for getting to some tomatoes. My kiddo can get to all the ones I can’t reach. But the best part is she actually eats these tomatoes. She refuses tomatoes in every other case. But if she picks it, that’s fine by her.

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