It’s now or never

Life is starting to repeat itself. I now spend some afternoons making animals out of playdoh.

I have been working on this list off and on for a few weeks. A 30 by 30 list is by no stretch of the imagination a new idea. But it seemed like something fun to take a crack at. I don’t have it entirely done, but I may as well get it up now since procrastination seems to win with me regularly. So here is what I have so far for things I want to have done by 30…

  1. Go to the west coast and ideally see the ocean.
  2. Get the main floor of my house decorated. That includes putting up curtains, getting new furniture and hanging art.
  3. My craft room needs serious pimping out. I want to make it comfy and well-lit and 100% functional.
  4. Figure out how to utilize all my garden space.
  5. Frame and hang ALL of my art collection.
  6. Master budgeting. I am in decent control of my cash, but I could do even better.
  7. Get my garage in order and install some awesome work areas and storage.
  8. Make a perfect chocolate souffle.
  9. Get really good at spinning yarn.
  10. Get plans and budget done for the basement. It would take an act of god to actually get it DONE in the next two years.
  11. Make a necklace out of some sapphires my husband and I panned.
  12. I want to do a Christmas that is 100% handmade and thrifted. My exceptions of course are any materials that lead to someone else crafting/sewing/baking, etc.
  13. Tattoo designs for my husband and I done.
  14. Make GOOD cheese. Something softer and flavorful.
  15. Try canning.
  16. Go to Yellowstone Park.
  17. Make a few articles of clothing for myself.
  18. Teach a visual journaling workshop.
  19. Try knitting again.
  20. Get into a habit of regular exercise.
  21. Learn to drive a stick shift.
  22. Learn to play something — anything — on guitar.
  23. Get my art into some sort of public forum besides my blog. Either a gallery or a magazine.
  24. See the northern lights again.
  25. Attend the festival of colors.

So I still have a few spots to fill in, but I feel pretty good about it. If I know me at all, I will think of more stuff later. I am hoping, just as with my crafting, just sharing this will give me something resembling motivation. Seems as good a way as any to wrap up the weekend. See you all again tomorrow for some more progress shots on my painting.

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