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Photo from Action Kivu.

Especially on days like these when work is a bit taxing, I love when happy things filter into my blog feed. So today, I am going to share one with all of you. I highly recommend you check out this link and read the article. Not only is this supporting a really great organization, there is a sweet giveaway tied to it.

Graphic from Handmade by Alissa.

In a nutshell, Action Kivu teaches Congolese war victims sewing skills, knitting and embroidery. This training sets them up with the ability to provide for their families. In a country where education is not free, they also use their funds to help disadvantaged children pursue their education. During this week, Handmade by Alissa is hosting the Third Annual Action Kivu Fundraiser. When you donate, you have a chance to win fabric, books, gift certificates and more. Plus you get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from skipping some luxuries (my beloved mochas) for something more meaningful and lasting.

Not much more can really be said. Stop by Action Kivu and check out the intro video. It is one of those things you really should watch, no matter how hard it is. Craft and art sometimes have a reputation for frivolity and are often treated as non-essential luxuries. This video proves it can be much more. It can be healing and transformative. It can be the core to life for someone who doesn’t have much to hold onto.

*A sidenote: I am not affiliated with Sew Mama Sew, Handmade by Alissa or Action Kivu. Nor am I being compensated in any way for this post. I just read about this last year, and wanted to spread the word as much as I can this year. If you share one post with your friends and family, make it this one. 


    1. No problem! Glad I could help get the word out. The post was very timely. I had a rotten day filled with irritating but overall trivial problems. Watching the video helped a lot. I felt better and managed to reset my perspective. I hope you reach your goal!

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