Woosh! Attack of the rocket pops

It’s been hot here. Bloody awful hot. I feel like a moron saying something like that when I live in Montana and my brother is in Georgia (hello! Enjoy your humidity) but it’s true. And when you live in a house that badly needs reinsulation and has no air conditioning of any kind, it’s easy to get miserable really fast. So I have been making popsicles. It’s helping so far.

But I am also finding this is a great time to be hiding downstairs. So my goal tomorrow is to spend all of my hot sticky evening on cool concrete working out a few paintings. Until then, I recommend all of you bust out your blender and some fruit for some sweet frozen treats. Here are my two favorite recipes so far:

Tropical Yum

  • 1 banana (wait for almost banana bread consistency for a really strong flavor)
  • 1 mango
  • 1/2 c blueberries
  • 1T agave
  • blueberry juice (I forgot to measure this. Start with half a cup and work up to a milkshake consistency)
  • 1 T chia seeds (totally optional, but I love little seeds to chew on)

Super berries

  • 1 c blueberry juice
  • 1 c yogurt (plain or vanilla)
  • 2 T honey or agave (blend these three together and then add the fruit)
  • 3 cups mixed frozen berries

A few notes — first, the second recipe is not mine. Those are actually the Wild B Berry Pops from Krystina Castella’s Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone. If you love frozen treats, this book is more than worth the cost. Seriously, check it out. There are recipes for mocha and boba tea pops for goodness sake! Also, the rocket mold I used for the popsicle at the top of the post is by Tovolo. They definitely cost more than the cheapo molds that pop up all over the place in summer, but they are so worth it. And for what it’s worth, there is no gun to my head to say something like this. I love both the book and the molds, and I want to let others know.

Now it’s off to sit in my chair and pretend to get organized/inspired. I will see you all again soon!