Cheese and drawing

It’s so pretty!

I have a problem. It’s a recipe problem. If there is even the remotest possibility I will want to try to make something, I will rip it out, copy it down, bookmark it or print it so fast. Then I take it home and file it away. And then the odds of me actually using it diminish. So a few months ago, I got really brutal and cleared out my files. I narrowed it down to only things I really will try to also got rid of a lot of very similar ideas. That has helped a lot with giving me a push to really getting to making the things that seem so inspiring.

This has not stopped repeat use recipes from hanging around my kitchen. Pictured are the current ones I have hanging around. I really should take some of them down.

Couscous recipe…or at least the proportions.
Awesome salad dressing.
Crock pot apple butter. This recipe has been here since last fall. It may be time to file it.
Sour kraut. This one was a tested winner.

One of the recipes that was just waiting to get used was one for mozzarella cheese. I was at the market on Friday and saw whole organic milk on clearance for $2…that was my sign. So now I have officially made cheese. I will not say it is great cheese (it needs more salt and I kneaded it too long) but it is cheese. And I will be testing its meltiness on a pizza tomorrow night. This kind of cooking makes me really happy my husband is so supportive of trying new things. And he really eats everything I make as well.

I am also happy because Mission: Sit and Actually Draw was successful. One of my nastier habits has to do with instant gratification. When I come up with an idea for a drawing, I want it done now and I want it to be perfect. Which means I tear through something and then I hate it and I get discouraged about drawing. And it turns into this big ugly cycle where I feel like crap. So I started a drawing a little over a week ago and shared a few teasers. Than I actually worked on it. For an extended period of time. Well, extended for me. It’s not finished yet, but I am happy so far.

So for this week, all I have left to do is wrap up some swap packages. Then I had better start on some wedding gifts. I have two to make, and time is wasting!


  1. Your mozza looks great! I, too, have a recipe tear-out, print-out, bookmark and forget problem. I’ve gotten better in the last few months and even implement a one-new-recipe-a-week rule to help nudge me towards using those recipes. It works moderately well.

    Your drawing is beautiful. I love how different artists interpret trees. In fact, almost all the art I own features trees as the subject.

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