Start Small: Park auction time!

For someone who keeps claiming to want a break from sewing, I sure to spend a lot of time touching fabric.

I am going to jump back to the same theme I had a few weeks ago and make something for an auction. Every year the Saturday before Father’s Day, our town has a live auction to raise maintainance funds for the park. We’ve attended the last two years, and we have bought stuff, but never actually donated anything to get sold. But this is the year. I always have some big, cool project planned and end up procrastinating so bad the big cool thing never gets done. So this year I am opting  to make something small and easy. Then I can work my way up to something bigger. But whatever happens, I really would like to get into the habit of donating something every year.

When I started to write this post last night, I had no idea at all of what to make. I just knew it had to be simple because I am going to be a busy lady. Then it hit me — knock out two things at once. I have a baby shower coming up VERY soon. So I am going to put together some baby gear. Above you see a collection of flannel and cotton from my stash. To start out, I am going to make a bunch of burp cloths. That’s it. If I finish early in the week, I will make something else as well. But for now, I am aiming low. My hope is to get a bundle of burp cloths, a travel changing pad and maybe something else for the auction. Then, in a few weeks when I am working on the baby shower, I will make an awesome blanket to go with the burp cloths. I am already pretty pumped about that project.

As for tonight, my goal is to get a good night’s sleep. I have been staying up late a lot lately, and it’s starting to wear on me. So I am going to wrap up and see you again Wednesday!

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