Start Small: I feel like taking on a contest


This is the great part about living in Montana. I can even do my snow dance over Memorial Day weekend. But that dance pretty much stops when my tomato plants get crapped on.

So May Giveaway Day went really well. Even if I don’t win something, I have so much fun with participation. I entered just over 30 different giveaways myself. Last year when I hosted, I only got about 30 people to enter. This year, over 200! So that’s a great way to wrap up a really bizarre week.

This week is shaping up to be busy, but it will be business of my own making. And on Friday, Sew Mama Sew is deadlining a contest that ties in with the release of the book Reinvention. Almost two weeks before they released their review and contest, I actually borrowed  copy of the book from my library. There are quite a few projects in it I really love and want to make. But my favorite part was that is was broken down by material type. Each section leads with a history of the material, how it’s made and what its environmental impact is. Overall, a fun book with some really good information. I actually returned it a day late and paid the fine because I wasn’t quite done with it.

But back to my point. The SMS contest is to make something out of at least one of the materials outlined in the book and share it. And part of the prize package is a copy of Reinvention. I want it so bad, I can almost taste it. And despite the fact that I don’t think my chances of winning are very good, this will also be a good motivator to knock something out.

Since spring is here, we are spending more and more time outside. That means there are about a million things I want L to have for outside. And my subscription to Magic Cabin isn’t helping anything. One of the things I want for her is a really fun tent. If there is anything toddlers love, it’s being inside a hiding space. I have had all sorts of ideas and patterns, including one for a teepee. I like a lot of them, but I want to pull this off without having to buy a bunch more materials. That would be more in the spirit of reinvention. And as luck would have it, one of the materials is jersey (t-shirts), and I have a whole giant tote of jersey.

In the backyard I also have a clothesline that would be the perfect support. So my plan is to make a giant rectangle and place ties inside. Then I can drape it over the clothesline, tie it in place and use a few tent stakes to attach it to the ground. Then we can move it, take it down to wash or get it out of the way for mowing time. And with the colors of fabric I have to choose from, I am really excited about how it will turn out. So wish me luck that there are no unexpected surprises this week.


  1. Good luck with the contest! Sorry to see your tomatoes in such a state. I heard they were expecting snow a couple hours south of here (I’m in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and it looks like you got some of it…. Ah, the weather in our part of the continent, eh?

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