A start to a better week

It looks like the steam from dinner created its own soft focus. Awesome.

Well, the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy hectic between work and house stuff. The upsides are a big fat overtime paycheck this week and our bedroom took two massive steps towards actually being a master bedroom, not just a crash pad. The downside is the rest of the house is a total wreck and my crafting has gotten pushed to the side. I didn’t do a start small followup yesterday because my floor cloth is still not perfect. I did want to get it done last week, but I have also learned I should never push projects too fast or I am very unhappy with the results. So this week I will put the finished touches on that while I start the college for my anniversary contest winner.

But I do have goodies to share today. Yesterday I cooked a dinner that had been on my mind all day and my daughter and I sat down to eat. Then I came to the realization that I am raising her bar for good food. Last night she sat down to chicken ravioli with mushrooms, sage and brown butter. Flash forward three years and she will sit down to her (very disappointing) public school lunch. But I can’t over think things like that. Maybe things will change for the better by then. So crazy observations aside, here are some pictures from the process.

The last of the mushrooms getting yummy.


Butter on its way to browning.


Sage leaves waiting to be fried and salted. So good.


I put asparagus on the table and come back to someone pulling it off the table and eating it with her bare hands.


The best dinners come on a monkey plate.
The finished goodness. Pasta and asparagus are always a win.


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