Start Small: tying up loose ends

Bunnies. Lumpy and awkward. But toddler sized and huggable. They have already napped in the pews at church, on a stack of rugs at Home Depot and in daddy's shirt pocket.

Sometimes, no matter how many times you learn a lesson it just doesn’t stick. Several times I have taken a crack at scaling a pattern up or down. A good chunk of the time, it goes off without a hitch. But then, mostly when I am working with stuffed animals, scaling blows out the effectiveness of the pattern. And so I relearned my lesson last week. For my Start Small project, I wanted to make my daughter some bunnies. Well, I found a really fun pattern, but it was larger than I wanted. I scaled it down…and that’s about where things went wrong. I still ended up with bunnies, but they are a little lumpier than I would’ve liked. I still decided to power through. She’s two, so she loves anything you give her.Her favorite part of her easter basket was a banana for goodness sake. So while maybe I didn’t think of the bunnies as a win, she did, and that’s good enough for me.

For this week I am taking care of a project I keep saying I am going to do and keep somehow not completing. The floor cloth for my kitchen still needs a few more details before I coat it and back it. And I had better get on it, or soon you guys are going to get sick of hearing about it. In fact, I want to go work on it now. So you guys have a great night and I am going to get to drawing.

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