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I thought about doing a reflection on the last year, but I didn’t really feel I had anything to say that was really worth wrapping up my anniversary week. Instead, I decided to share with you the blogs I follow and why I love them. So much of blogging is all about sharing ideas and supporting other writers. So thank you to all these bloggers who have been fun, inspiring and great examples.

This blog belongs to a friend of mine from college. I love it because it is simple, beautiful eye candy. It’s almost entirely pictures with a few notes here and there. Abbie is wonderfully talented at drawing and turning her drawings into other things. I think this may also be one of the few blogs I have followed from day one.


Alisa’s site is so much fun, I can hardly contain it in words. She’s a multimedia artist who uses fabric and paint together a lot. I originally linked to her site a few years ago because I saw a photo of one of her creations. Despite having a new baby, she posts very regularly and always has something beautiful to share. I also bought her newest book Sew Wild and took one of her classes. Neither was a disappointment and helped me tackle some new challenges.


Not even remotely a creative blog, but I love reading it. I have a minor obsession with money management and I am always reading stuff on personal finance. But this is the only P.F. blog I follow. I think that’s mainly because of the real-life, unpretentious approach J. Money takes. Not everyone is an accountant or a billionaire, and it’s great that he puts perspective on real-world money management.


Love it, love it, love it! They talk about food, flowers and awesome new design…how could I NOT love it? This is another I have been following for years, and I never get sick of seeing what they are sharing. They do really amazing DIY projects and home tours as well. And who doesn’t love seeing the insides of other people’s homes? Besides Sew Wild, the new Design Sponge book is the only one I bought last year. And it was totally worth it.




I am relatively new to this blog, although I have dug through the archives a bit. I love food and baking, but I always hate when people ruin it by making into some unattainable art form. Practically anyone can cook, even cook well. If you are ever feeling uninspired about your food, check out this blog. The drool-worthy photos will suck you in and the accessible recipes will keep you. Careful, it’s addicting.


This is one of the two newest things on my RSS. I just added it yesterday, in fact. It’s a style blog (no crafts to be seen yet), but Keiko’s sense of fashion and color balance are so fun and intoxicating. I’m sure this one will stay on my feed just for good inspiration. Sometimes stepping outside of art, or just to another part of it, can really help you regain your perspective.





Food and design and thrifting and blogging…this one is packed full. One thing Thursday just started with another blogger (Amy) is called Thread Share. One of them buys a piece of thrift or vintage clothing, and they take turns wearing it. They post pictures on their respective blogs showing the outfits they created. It’s just a really fun concept. Also, I am insanely jealous of her couch.



Another darling friend of mine from school. Carly is one of the most driven artists I have met, and I’m not entirely sure she ever sleeps. This year she has been creating and posting sketch every single day. Holy Hanna that’s a lot of drawing. But she also does wonderful photography and posts about her visual journals and life in the Azores. This one is always rich, beautiful and inspiring.



I started following this blog when I was pregnant. Ryan (the blogger) is an incredibly talented photographer with a beautiful family that is always at the other end of his lens. I was initially attracted by the series of maternity photos he did of his wife. She was just a bit more pregnant than I was at the time, so I really loved seeing how things were progressing. Since then, it’s just been fun to see new pictures and read Ryan’s insights on the things happening in his life. It’s really nice to read about a wonderful, loving family.


This one is generally a pretty quick read, but I love it. I started following Tammy after reading some interviews about her paring down her possessions and downsizing her living space. I am not a minimalist and don’t want to be, but she has some really great ideas and guidance that apply to all sorts of people. Her writing really comes from the heart, and always makes me feel really calm and happy. Like I just napped in the sun.


Sew Mama Sew is so bad. It makes me want sooo many fabrics and it’s their fault I keep adding things to my project list. If I ever needed a ten-step program for a blog, this would probably be it. Well, it’s a tie between this and Design*Sponge. Even though it’s all sewing, I never get sick of it. My hands down favorite is their Handmade Holidays. Between the tutorials, links and printables, it’s a rabbit hole I am glad I fell down. This beautiful blanket is from Aesthetic Nest.


A great, amazing explosion of color and amazing beauty. That’s really all you need to know. This amazing mural was done by the artist Fin DAC.







I stop here first thing every morning because I always need a laugh.




This is the other blog I just bookmarked yesterday. I love thrifting, and I always love to see what kind of steals other people manage to find. I am a bit on the fence because right now, I’m just jealous of the good finds. But that is probably because I haven’t been thrifting for weeks.

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