Some success, some ridiculous failure

The best weekends start with a good breakfast. I promise there was fruit with the monkey bread.

So you know how last week I had this really good plan to knock out a crocheting project? And I also said something about “even if I have to carve a hook our of a chopstick”. Well, it almost came to that. After quite a bit of searching, I couldn’t find a single one of my crochet hooks. That’s what I get for storing them all together. Of course, once my husband offered to help, it took two seconds to find them. Nice.

So I did get a start on my wrap, but I did not get anywhere near done. So I am calling a do-over for this week. On the upside, I do love what I’ve come up with so far, and the striping sock yarn is turning out really pretty.

While there may not have been much crocheting going on around here, there was a ton of cooking. Monkey bread, quesadillas, pork tenderloin and roast veggies all meant we were doing dishes all weekend. But it was well worth it and the house smelled wonderful.

So now I look forward to a week where I have all the craft supplies I need located and handy. So I had better stop typing and start working.

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