Start Small: Loving what I already have

I love where I live. This may not be a craft project, but it's darn good inspiration for one. And this was the worst part of the sunset.

So if you are even 10% crafty, you know what it is to have a massive list of projects you lust after. I could spend hours on Etsy, Craftster, my RSS and all sorts of fun blogs finding projects and reading the processes of how they were made. And then I could spend even more time thinking of how I would do it differently to make it perfectly mine. I have bookmarks on my personal and work computers, plus paper copies of projects torn from magazines and three different wists to keep track of all the things I would love to try my hand at. I know that I am not going to make everything I like — that’s insanity. And sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in all the beautiful things I want to make and I forget about the wonderful things I already planned on making and have supplies for. If you’ve been to my blog more than a few times, you know what I am talking about.

Over the summer I bought some really wonderful sock weight yarn to make a shawl for myself. I had the pattern and actually started on it. But then I lost momentum. Partly because I did something wrong and had to rip out an hour and a half worth of work. But it didn’t help that winter never really came to Montana, so I’ve barely had to wear any of my scarves. So this week I think it’s time to find the yarn and get back on some crocheting. Added bonus: that is a project I can bring to work and take advantage of break times.

I kicked butt on last week’s Start Small project and got it all done on Wednesday night. Now I just hope I can keep that kind of steam going this week. I am also squeezing in some reading about time management¬†in relation to art so hopefully I will get some new ideas that will help me feel a bit more effective. And then I can share the best parts of my reading with you guys. It will be like our own mini book club. So now I need to get working on some of that crafting and reading I am talking about so much. See you guys later this week!

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