Start Small and a new blog to love


The awesome fabric I will be using for my project this week. And this is the only photo you get today because I am NOT sharing photos of my nasty old potholders.

So I am really glad I kind of took last week off. It really gave me a chance to recharge…and I do need that every once in a while. And now I am ready to SEW and DRAW and generally make a mess.

I was cruising through my magic list of crafts I want to do to see what I should do this week. Since I have a few pairs of pants I need to hem anyway, I figured it would be worth it to do something sewn. The last few weeks I have been getting really frustrated with our potholders. I got them from a friends mom or grandma (I can’t recall which) right before I left for college. They survived the dorms and quite a few years since. But they are starting to get a bit ratty and worn. So it’s time to replace them.

And thank you to some wandering while looking for really fun potholders, I found a new blog to love. I now have My Girl Thursday on my RSS and will spend the next few weeks reading it to see if I want to keep it. So far, so good. Thursday covers all the things I love — crafts, thrift shopping, food and free printables. Awesome! And best of all now I have a super easy and wonderful tutorial for some new potholders. So that will be my project for the week.

Now my excitement level for craft has returned back to its normal levels and I am excited for a week with some stashbusting. I will share pictures tomorrow! See you then.


  1. I absolutely LOVE that dandelion fabric! I’ll have to check out your blog recommendation. I actually need to make some potholders, too, once I get a sewing machine (along with a ton of other sewing projects stacked up!)

    1. When I saw that fabric, I may have let out some sort of squeal that only other fabric lovers can hear. And when I fall in love with a print like that, I usually treat myself to a quarter yard. Not a ton to work with, but enough for this project! If you get around to making any potholders, you should email me some pics…I always love to see what others have done.

      1. I will absolutely send pictures! (Though I won’t be getting a sewing machine until mid-summer. I suppose I could hand-sew them, but I don’t have that much patience!)

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