Start Small: Knocking tiny things out!

Detail of one of my Create Daily assignments. I think you may know it by now, but I loooove shine, so I am pretty well addicted to metallic paint pens. They just pop so well over watercolors.

I was doing great last night. Played with my daughter, did laundry and dishes and worked on class projects. I was on a roll. And I was all happy to post and share and…the internet didn’t work. Go figure. But that’s when I take a deep breath and say to myself “it’s just a craft blog, it can wait until tomorrow”. Then I go to bed.

This is the base coat for a new mural/collage piece. It is partly for a Create Daily class assignment, but it works out perfect because my basement walls are boring. I will post shots as things get more interesting.

So here I am, all wound up to tell you what I’m doing this week. Just like last week, I am not sticking with one thing. This week I am knocking out THREE things. But before you think I’ve snapped, listen to what they are. First, I have to finish putting buttons on a jumper Mom made for L. That involves making three more button holes and actually attaching six buttons. So that is really only one short night of work. Second, I need to make a draft stopper for my back door. Also just a quick sewing job. But the third project I have set up is the one I’m most excited about. I am joining in another round of postcard swapping, and I need to get those rolling. As far as getting them totally done, I don’t think that is going to happen, but my goal this week is to get the backgrounds laid down and to at least start. The theme is old year/new year, so I am thinking something with fireworks. But we will see what grabs me in the moment.

My mentality behind knocking out so many small things is two-fold. First, I can get things done and off my plate. That always helps me clear the mental baggage that weighs down my creative process. Second, I love that project-completing high. So wish me luck on maintaining a good chore/create/kid balance and I will see you again tomorrow!

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