Start Small: Can I get a do-over?

One current favorite from my first week of class. So far, I would highly recommend Alisa Burke's classes.

So I failed. I did not get my necklace restrung, and I’m actually kind of mad at myself. It’s too early in the year for me to be letting you down. But then I also need to let my ego go and realize your lives don’t center around my projects. I’d like to think you come here for inspiration and motivation, but I also know you’re not going to be personally crushed that I didn’t get one project done in a set time frame. So I am deciding here and now to stop beating myself up about this.

Another quick sketch from my class. Only 20 minutes -- not too bad.

The blue pearl necklace will resurface in its completed form (hopefully by month’s end as intended) but until then, I will work on the other projects I want to complete this month. Happily, those are coming along quite nicely. Also, I continue to stay on top of my Create Daily Class and I am mentally building up steam for The Sketchbook Project. No, I haven’t actually touched the book with a pen yet, but I will this week.

Speaking of this week, I am going to try something new. I’m not going to tell you what I plan to finish this week. I have five things I want to complete this month, so I think I will just work on whatever feels good this week. You will surely get a clue on Wednesday when I am Up Late and posting pictures. But maybe with giving myself some added flexibility, I will set myself up to not fail this week.

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