Card making and a major supply score

My daughter is a very lucky little girl in many ways. One of the biggest is that she has so many grandparents — 14 to be exact, including 2 great-great grandmas. But that also means I have a lot of holiday cards to send out. Of those 14 grandparents, only three live close enough for her to see on a regular basis, so I wanted to figure out a way she could pitch in on card making for them. I didn’t give her the actual cards to color in. Her nearly-two-year-old attention span couldn’t handle that. So I gave her several sheets of paper, paints and crayons and let her go nuts. Then I cut out the best parts to fit the inside of some blank cards I picked up at Michaels over the summer ($1 for 8 cards is pretty hard to beat).

The fronts of the cards had a landscape format hole cut in them, and I needed something to fill that in. I had a few holiday stamps, metallic ink and embossing powder. While my little lady was napping, I stamped and embossed like crazy. I figured doing the messy part while she was sleeping was a good idea. Good tip in case you want to emboss and don’t own a hair dryer like me — use a hotplate or large griddle set to about 250 degrees. That little trick worked great for me. Once all the elements were made and cut, all I had left was assembly.

Just a little bit of decoration for the outside of the envelopes.
A wonderful, beautiful snowflake.
Simple but nice. And open them to see...
...little girl art inside. Now I just need to write something. And address them. And mail them.
If my butt ever touches the floor, the dogs want to be near me. So that smile is half I love dogs and half I love paint. very many canvases. Mmmmmm...

Thanks to my Mom actually reading the paper, something I don’t really do, she noticed a 20% off coupon for Michaels. They also had a bunch of canvases and yarn on sale. So I made a last-minute trip to town and came back with 11 new canvases, 17 skeins of yarn, 12 takeout style gift boxes and four packs or jewelry findings, all coming in under $100. I couldn’t resist doing the math. At full price, the canvases alone would’ve been $108, but with all the discounts they were $35. Pretty…freaking…awesome. All the more surfaces to coat in paint…

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