Start Small: Birdie ornaments


One of my favorites as far as having a good bird shape.
Yes, mom did get me glow-in-the-dark clay. Freaking awesome!

Hey, I DO have something holiday related to share! Because this week is going to be sooooo busy at work, I am focusing on knocking out smaller projects. There are a few people on my list who I need something tiny and easy for, so tonight I did part one of bird ornaments. I found a beautiful tutorial on Jessica Jane Handmade via Sew Mama Sew. Every step is crystal clear and comes with great photos. So I took a swing at my own versions. I’m not rehashing her tutorial, so if you want more detail on making these, visit her site.

My mom was nice enough to pick me up a few blocks of clay, so all I had to do was dive in. I gathered up my tools and just started to play…

Cutting board and multi tool? Check.
Stamps, clay and wire? Check.
Tea? Check.
Soon to be an awesome bird...
That teeny ball of clay rolled out into a teeny log.
I bent the little log into a rough heart shape.
I centered the heart where I wanted it. After this shot was taken, I used the end of a curved piece of wire to press it into the bird.
These may have to go to the same home...they look so good together.

 Overall, I am pretty happy with the results. I should’ve made a few a bit smaller, but oh well. Now that they are all baked, all I have left to do is embellish, wrap and give!

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