Up late dreaming of panoramas


I had to forgo my usual craft-only Wednesday night in favor of actually doing chores. But that’s probably only fair considering I skipped all my chores on Monday so I could paint. But working isn’t going to stop me from daydreaming about this photo as a large-scale panoramic print on my wall. It was shot by my awesome sister-in-law, Alison…it’s so great having a photographer in the family!

But now it has me thinking about a more comprehensive photo project. But I will share more of the idea once I sleep on it and make sure it’s not dumb.

I hope some of you are ignoring chores in favor of something more fun. Happy Wednesday all!


    1. Thanks, I will pass the word to my sister-in-law. I asked her for some vacation photos because I wanted to turn one into a large-scale gallery wrap for my bedroom. This one definately fits the bill.

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