Thoughts on Restructuring

I can't show you the sewing project I finished this week. So for now, here is a shot of some mushroom ravioli and lemon asparagus. Yum.

You know how sometimes, you have a beautiful dream, and you think that if you wish hard enough, it will all work out? That’s about how my job is going right now. The restaffing a few months ago gave me a giant morale boost, but the flip side of that has been the crazy level of busy. I thought it would slow down a bit more once everyone adjusted. It hasn’t, and I should’ve known better. That combined with my better half’s constant travel for work has put some waves into what I thought was a reasonable blog schedule.

Before you get freaked out, no I am not dropping this blog. In my head, that would be absolutely terrible because it would be the same as admitting defeat. I set out to create a blog showing other busy people out there that they can pursue their passions. I want to maintain that. But in that spirit, I need to rethink how I approach this bloggy thing.

When I first started this blog, the Type A part of me knew that I needed some sort of skeleton of how things would be run, or I would never get things done. I had a lot of ideas,and I finally narrowed them down. I have my Start Small, aimed at proving you can make good things in a tight time frame. I also have Up Late, my own version of the common blogger theme of Wordless Wednesday. Let’s face it — I can’t do wordless. My third structured piece has been Firestarter Fridays. To put it simply, the last few weeks, I have not been happy with my posts. I intended these posts to encourage people and get them excited. I think I have not been up to par on that. During May Giveaway Day, I got some really good suggestions, and I need to put those into effect. So, moving forward, I am not going to do Firestarters every Friday. I think I may switch to once a month. In the long run, I would rather give you guys a good, well-written piece that is actually inspiring than one thing I cranked out just to say I posted Friday. But that’s the great thing about blogging — as I learn, Daydream House can evolve.

Also, I have decided I need to grow my audience. I am getting new unique views every week, but I will be actively networking over the next few weeks to try and gain a more substantial regular readership. As always, I encourage and really appreciate emails with ideas and suggestions, so keep them coming!

Now that that’s off my chest and a feel a bit lighter, I will share a good bit of internet goodness. Alisa Burke has posted a new class to partner with her book. It is called Beneath the Surface, and it centers on a variety of techniques to create your own unique fabric. The class is discounted this week only, and she is giving a spot away. I highly recommend you check it out.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about switching gears…but that’s all I am saying for now. See you then!

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