Start Small: Keeping things simple

The photos I tried to get of the dragonflies didn't turn out so well, but the butterflies turned out much better.
This photo will be really fun to recreate in watercolor.

Well, as I have mentioned more than once here, today was the start of my home cure. Day one was a success. In order to maintain focus, I am going to keep crafting projects small this week…a great reason to wrap up some projects that have been sitting around half-done. Shortly  for after I started this blog, I shared pictures of some orchids I had made. Since then, I have been wrestling with how exactly to finish them. But I’m always worried about ruining them. So now would be a great time for me to step up and get them done.




Bones are so great for practicing drawing. The solid colors combine with dramatic shadows are so fun to recreate in a lot of different mediums.

Over the weekend, we all went out for a family hike and I snapped a few quick pictures. Creating sketches based on those photos will be another good reason to take breaks while I rearrange the kitchen. Plus, I’ve been away from my sketchbook for a few weeks, so it will be nice to get back to playing with pens and oil pastels.  I am also hoping that will keep my motivation up getting the house in order. Wish me luck!

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