Up Late: Making plans

So simple and enjoyable to make. It's like being a kid again.

As much as I hate to admit it, lots of crafting would not be a really great idea right now. Most of my crafting space is not ergonomically friendly, and even when it is, my posture is usually poor at best. I did manage to make myself two friendship bracelets. The bright colors and patterns always remind me of summer, and making them perked me up a bit.

Other than that, the past three days have been spent catching up on my reading and TV watching. But I am also laying out my plan for Home Cure 2011. Friday before last, I talked about clearing clutter. Well, this cure is in relation to that. I am using Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book as a starting point, but with a lot of my own touches. So I figure as long as I’m forced to sit still, I may as well get this plan in writing.

Hopefully all of you have had a more productive week. I plan on trying to return to work tomorrow — wish me luck!

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