Getting my butt in gear

I had planned the supercrafting weekend. Well, a cold for me and a cold for baby pretty well killed that. But lots of hot tea, cuddles and three-hour naps together was a decent tradeoff. However, I do need to get some stuff done. This week I have a Relay for Life fundraiser to sew for. Next week, I have a wedding to make a gift for. Plus a Father’s Day project and stuff for the kiddo…I am going to be a busy lady.

All of these lunchbags look like purses. And I don't really like any of them. Thank goodness for my addiction to craft blogs and websites.

Obviously, this week my start small project is for the Relay fundraiser. I always like making something practical but fun. After my usual looooong list of ideas, I settled on making a lunch bag. I did a few scribbly sketches, but then decided to just look online. I found one that was darn near perfect online. I wanted to create something insulated for sure. I also wanted something that could fit a variety of containers. I love my current lunchbox, but once I stick two Pyrex bowls, a drink and fruit in, it doesn’t close all the way. DivaLea on Craftster made one that fit everything I was looking for using a pattern by Oh Fransson! Even better, I have used Oh Fransson’s patterns before, and they were really easy to follow. So now I can ignore the scribbly sketches I made earlier.

I pulled a few fabrics out of my stash, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling like they mesh together. So tomorrow on lunch, I am going to head to the store to get insulating material, and maybe even a new fabric.

I did no breaking of crayons. That is all the work of my little lady.

I also need to create some baked crayons this weekend. 18 month olds are pretty hard on crayons, even the so-called “hard to break” ones. So I have two projects, but at least one is really small. Since I will be back to sewing, there should be some pretty fun pictures on here for Wednesday’s post. See you all then!

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