Why craft when you can eat?

Before you assume I've snapped and changed this to a food blog, read below.

Well, just when we thought we were out of the woods weather-wise, we found out we were wrong. More forecasts for rain and hail were set for the coming week. Luckily, my husband and baby and I all had a good, relaxing weekend together. Minimal crafting, yes. But we got out of the house and enjoyed the sunshine. Last night, as I was getting ready to paint a bit, I was barraged with phone calls saying that hail was headed my way and there were tornado warning through the night. So, as has been the theme for the past few weeks, crafting got pushed aside in favor of safety and preparation. Boo. But the good news is, there was no tornado (not at my house anyway) so I will try again tonight.

Fruit is good, but sometimes you need to alter it to make it perfect.

But since I hadn’t posted over the weekend, and I really never want to do a picture-free post, I have to share something with you. I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but my husband is a wonderful cook, especially when it comes to desserts. He really just has a natural knack for blending flavors really well. My favorite dessert that he makes is a really simple version of bananas foster. There is no booze, just fruit, sugar, butter and ice cream. But it is soooo heavenly, I really don’t think I would get bananas foster anywhere else. Sunday night after the kiddo was in bed, I convinced him to use the last of the brown sugar to make a batch. This time, he added a touch of agave, and that really kicked the sweetness up.

There is just something magical about the sweet, gooey, melty mess this makes. There are few non-chocolate desserts I love this much.

So what is the point of this post, the lesson I want you to take away? When the weather is crappy and everyone is freaking out, cooking is a really good way to relax and regroup.

If you are wondering why I married him, this is on my top twenty list of reasons.


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