Start Small and making a plan for the week

Who says crafts have to start with raw materials? If you are looking at a list of non-craft chores (booo-ring) you can get a small project done and feel great about it. This hat willbe looking even lovlier this weekend.
The first step is admitting you let your craft area turn into an unholy wreck...

I actually managed to take a lunch break today, which is a surprisingly large victory for me. During that time, I tried to plan ahead for blog posts and all the other goodness I need to get done this week. Well, looking at my craft list was an eye-opener. I actually have a whole mess of projects that need to get done this month. My brother and his sweetie will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary  the first week in June and I have a shadowbox in my head that would be much cooler actually assembled. Also in June is the annual fundraiser for the park in town. The money raised goes towards all the maintainance and equipment. Somehow, after last year’s auction, I got it stuck in my head that I needed to contribute my making something they can auction off.  Also on the list are another fundraiser silent auction, a wedding reception and a few projects for my little lady.

...and then you get to cleaning that junk up.

Besides all the crafting, I also have my usual 8,000 things around the house that I always feel the need to get done rightthisinstant. The garage needs cleared out so I can park my car inside if there is hail. I need to start sorting and pricing items for our garage sale, which I have set a date for. Plus our living room is still only half painted, and I think I would like to get that done and out of my head. In case there was any question left in your head, yes, I do plan out more project than I have time for. But somehow, I think I thrive on the pressure.



Despite the fact I have quite a few large projects to knock out, I am dedicating this week to planning and getting stuff done. But that doesn’t mean no crafting — how dare you even think such things! Instead, I will plan on doing some small projects that are not super important. That will free up some time and energy for getting a few other things out of the way. Then I think I will have to kick it into high gear for a month or two of supercrafting. My project for this week is to embellish a new hat my husband bought for the baby. The downside of her adorably light baby skin is she turns red in minutes. This new white hat is pretty cute already, but it could be better. And I have to make the straps longer anyway.

So I will wrap up this post…I am kicking butt on chores for the next hour and a half so I can craft guilt-free later this evening. I suggest you do the same — find a chore/craft balance and go with it!

The white-on-white details are even cuter with the lacey edging. But we need to add some color...

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