Firestarter Friday: get one thing done

Cleaned out a few boxes and found Whisper something new to play with. That's a pretty good reward for getting work done.

Well, if you guys stuck it out with me this week, more power to you. Starting off the week feeling less than 100% and then making up for it by sleeping a lot meant that there was pretty much zero crafting going on. Add to that chores that didn’t get done and yard work that has to get done, it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

I read all sorts of different blogs and books about getting yourself organized, clearing clutter…everything that helps keep life running smooth. A recurring theme is making a plan. The experts all say you should figure out what needs to get done and then make a plan. But on weeks like this where so much time has already been wasted, making a plan seems like more time down the tubes. Sometimes you just have to dive in and get a few things done.

So tonight I:

  • washed all the rest of the dishes
  • sorted through three boxes of stuff in the garage
  • added 13 things to the garage sale pile

You probably think I’m off my rocker, happy about getting a few chores out of the way. But now after I am done typing, I will be able to do a bit of crafting guilt-free. Plus, those chores are getting me closer to my larger goals. Have a garage sale, finish clearing clutter out of the housed and get some decorating done.

So I guess you firestarter for this weekend isn’t craft related at all. By getting one non-craft related thing done, you can free up some mental space for when you do get around to your creative work. The feeling of accomplishment can also get the ball rolling on your projects, whatever they may be.

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