Start Small: craft inspired by food

Curry tomato rice. Hands down one of my favorite foods that reheats well.
Mushroom ravioli and meatballs with lemon fingerling potatoes. Super yummy and all made from scratch.

In many ways, I married my total opposite. I creating stuff and going to gallery openings. He loves hunting and sports. But lucky for us, we have one huge thing in common — we love food. That’s where most of our fun money goes. Trying new places to eat in town is one of our favorite things to do. We also spend a little extra on groceries so we can make meals we get really excited about. It’s just really nice to have something that we both enjoy doing together and that yields such yummy results.

Grill pizza, one of our favorite summer dishes.

So thanks to a common love of food and watching way too many episodes of Iron Chef America, we eat some really great meals. For me, that means some really sweet leftovers for work lunches. I generally end up taking leftovers for lunch 4 of 5 workdays. Leftovers are great for so many reasons. The only problem I have been having is all the paper towels I waste to grab a hot dish out of the microwave. So my start small craft for the week is going to solve that problem.

The mug rugs I whipped up. I probably don't need to tell you which one is mine.

A few weeks ago, Mug Rug were all over crafting blogs like crazy. Mug rugs are pretty much just large coasters that give you space for a mug and your cookies. I jumped on the bandwagon and made two. So this week, I am going to make an even bigger version. Something big enough I can grab a bowl of pasta without burning my fingers. And yet again, I won’t have to buy any supplies. I think I am going to break some sort of stashbusting record. This time around, I am going to try to create something resembling a plan or design. I do like how my random strips of fabric turned out on the mug rug. However, I rarely do something ultra structured, so that would probably be a good challenge for me.

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