Up late playing with fabric

Five dollars can go soooo far sometimes.

This post is also known as “the best five dollars I have spent lately”. My favorite fabric store in town is Fiberworks. They used to have giant crocks filled with scraps that were sold by the ounce. They have since gotten rid of them, so they bagged the remainder and sold the bits for $5 a bag. And I am so happy I snapped one up!

A pretty big bag of awesome.


The perfect fabric scraps for my Start Small project. Bet you can't wait to see what I make!
Great suprise -- pre-cut squares of the same size. And a coordinating colorway, too.
and pre-cut strips as well.
My personal faves to be stashed away for selfish projects.
The best little finds in the bag overall. A cut-out teapot motif and some super sweet skull print minky.

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