Start Small: bathroom bag follow up

Finished bathroom bag. Much more stylin' than the old one. Well, maybe just brighter.

I am keeping this short because it is pretty late, and there are some things I should probably get done before the week starts. You know, silly stuff like paying bills.

I am counting this bathroom bag as a success. There are a few things I would’ve done differently, but I am pretty happy overall. And, more important, my husband seems to like it. If you read my post last Monday, you may recall that I said this is a stashbuster project, and I stuck with that. Zero dollars spent! I bought this green material two years ago. It is a vinyl tablecloth. It can be a really fun material to work with, but I wouldn’t reccomend it for beginning sewers. It is awfully slippery and holds onto every single wrinkle and fold. Both those factors can make it difficult to create good, clean cuts. But if have patience and good attention to detail, you can have a lot of fun with vinyl.

As you can see from the little paws in the picture, everyone liked the finished product. Luckily for the owner of those paws, tomorrow I will announce my Start Small craft of the week, and it will be something for her. See you all then!

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