Start Small craft: coupon organizer dividers

When you can have such pretty accessories, why wouldn't you clip coupons?

I’ll just come and say it — I’m a coupon clipper. Not one of the crazy ones who spends hours organizing a 2-inch thick binder full of hundreds in savings. I just go through a few fliers and one website and print off what I need. I may not be saving massive amounts of money, but an average of 20% savings on the grocery bill is still pretty nice. It’s an even bigger deal because food spending is really my only vice…besides craft spending…and flavored cocoa.

Lining fabric -- so pretty.

It was my birthday about three months ago, so I joined a birthday swap on Craftster. For those of you who craft and have never been to Craftster, go there. Well, finish reading this post, then go there. You will be blown away my the amazing things others are crafting. Anyone who shares your living space will curse them for giving you so many crazy ideas. Anyway, back on track…the very sweet Spidersweb made me a coupon organizer that was on my birthday wish list. The original one I wanted was made by glowgirl16 on Etsy, but I was/am still trying to spend wisely, hence the birthday wish. If you need a coupon organizer and can’t swe, head over to her shop and check them out. As is the story with many things, I got the gift I wished for, but it has yet to really be used. As you can see if you look at the inspiration, mine is missing dividers. So that is my small project for the week.

$1 wells spent, but it's still time to retire the old folder.

Coupon dividers may not sounds like a crazy living-on-the-edge type craft. BUT it is functional, and I can’t say no to something pretty I will use every week. Plus, my old coupon holder is about to go. The elastic loop is nearly shot and I am about five categories short of what I really want. My plan is to super-pimp the dividers — no plain manila for me! Check back this weekend to see how far I take it…

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