Start small craft: rug

One thing I hear over and over again is how unbelievable it is that I make all the things I do. Once I had a baby and came back to work full time, I started hearing it even more. On some level it makes sense that people would be surprised by what I get done. But I’m not a miracle worker who has discovered the secret to adding four hours to the day. If I ever get that figured out, I’m selling that idea for millions and retiring. It’s simpler than that…I truly love creating things. Whether it’s good food or handmade gifts for friends, crafting and cooking are really important to me, so I make time for it. It’s an old saw, but its true — follow your heart and do what you love.

Kate's Craft Hit List

That brings me to my secret weapon — the Big Craft Hit List. Anything I want to make goes onto this list (assuming I remember). Stuff for my kiddo, fun accessories I have been lusting after and house stuff all go on here. Even gifts for birthdays, baby showers and Christmas go on here. Then as soon as I wrap up one project, I am ready to dive into whatever needs to get done next. There is no size rule on these projects. Many of them are quite small as far as time goes. I find that getting a small project eliminated is a great motivation booster. And that energy just keeps rolling with each completed project. No matter what level your craft is at, you could really benefit from a list like this. Some of the benefits:
– Great way to track things you want to make, just not right now.
– You always have something to keep your hands busy.
– Helps you plan ahead for making deadline-specific gifts like an afghan for a baby shower.
– If you stumble across the perfect supply, you can consult the list to estimate how much (or what color, size, style, etc.) you need.
So my challenge to you — make a list! I made mine in my planner because I nearly always have it on hand. Make your wherever works best for you. A notebook, your phone, even just on the fridge at home. Wherever you will see it and use it.

But a list is no good with crossing things off. So get moving. Pick something. And to help you out, I am picking something off my list as well.

Months ago, my husband and I started to hunt down a rug for the Little Lady’s room. We were having no luck. Everything was the wrong size; too expensive, poorly made…the list goes on. We finally settled on the really awesome mixed media shag rug by Urban Outfitters. They are small but affordable, so we ordered two with the plan I would sew them together. Upon arrival, they moved to the basement while I thought “Those will be easy enough, I will just stitch them together one night”. Flash forward two months. They are still in the box. So this week is stitching time.

patience pays off -- look at the prettiness!

See how pretty this rug is! I usually don’t get pink for her, but this isn’t just plain pink. If you look close, you can see dark rose, light pink, cream, yellow and dusty lavender. There are even really cute bits with polka dots. So they are really too cute to be sitting in a box.

Check back this weekend to see the final results.

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